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To integrate the application with existing users database of FMFC and provide restricted access to the application on basis of the user roles.

To provide access to only those articles and literature that is usable for the users on the basis of their business role.


The application authenticates user on the basis of existing “users” database using secure XML web services, and provides access to the users on basis of their roles. The application provides “knowledge bases” at the root level, and access to each knowledge base is based on the rights and privileges available to the user. This application allows users to create categories inside each knowledge base. All literature created in the knowledge base is allocated to either one or more categories. It also allows users with features like editing the article on the basis of the privileges of the users.


This application is a user friendly and easy to use application that allows searching of the articles. Access to limited resources on basis of the user privileges allows presentation of focused literature to support in activities of the FMFC personnel.

   Project Highlights
  • Its integration with the existing user database of FMFC allows users to easily access this application from any existing FMFC application.
  • Access to this application is restricted on basis of the roles assigned to the users of FMFC. Also, the various modules and functionalities are restricted for various types of users.
  • In the administrator mode, the functionalities for creating & editing categories and creating, editing and modifying articles are available. Access to this mode is restricted on basis of the rights of the user.
  • User can also create sub-categories within a category.
  • Articles that are created can be categorized under one or more categories.
  • Users can attach any documents with the articles as well as add online links, that are translated as downloadable files and internet links respectively when the article is viewed.
  • An article can also be assigned a starting date and expiry date, which specify the period for which the article will be available in the knowledge base for display. If these dates are not provided, the article is always available for viewing.
  • Users have options to execute search and advanced search on the articles.
  • While viewing the article, the user will have options to add comments, send the article by mail, print the article, and edit the article. Access to each of these options is also restricted based on the rights and privileges of the users.
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