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  QA Script Repository  


To create an application that would serve as a repository of QA scripts.


Module based approach to development. Paging and search functionality for quickly locating a project.


A user friendly application that simplifies and streamlines the QA process.

   Project Highlights
  • An application setting that enables renaming the database name if desired.
  • A generic navigation and branding strategy for application design so that the application can be re-used for future projects.
  • Main screen with user-name and password for secure log-in.
  • Admin section where a user can add a project or edit an existing project. Within the admin section there is a link that launches a browse file dialog through which the user can select the file to upload to add a script file.
  • Testing section with a list of all the projects QA has scripts for. Project name based search function and paging navigation is provided for.
  • A scenarios page that contains a link to the project test plan and list of all scenarios for the project, obtained and uploaded from the admin section and the edit project page.
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