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  Iniquus brings you an unequal advantage through business application of technology. Iniquus offers you “unequalled” expertise in designing and developing exceptional websites; corporate identity that stands out; and cost scalable web & software application development.  

Is your website to look at - or to sell?

Simply having an “attractive site” is not enough – a web site needs to be much more. A site needs to help establish more than just your presence! It must complement and support your existing business models – and so help your Bottom-Line.

Successful Web Development includes:
  • Web page programming
  • Application programming
  • Database design and development
  • E-commerce applications
  • PHP support
  • Newsletter campaigns
  • Domain hosting
  • Website promotion
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Is your corporate credibility enhanced by the visuals you use?

Studies prove that decisions about the credibility of your company are made in fractions of a second based on the visual impact of your website and marketing materials. Do your materials show the professionalism and trust that will turn prospects to clients?

Outstanding creative design includes:
  • Logos & letterheads
  • Brochures & posters
  • Website design
  • Web animation & banners
  • Online demos & presentations
  • Flash animation
  • CD-Rom multimedia
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Does IT allow your business to expand and evolve?

Access to outsourced IT resources can be a catalyst to company growth by allowing the testing of new messages, services and offers, with rapid feedback of success, without jeopardizing existing projects.

Facets of outsourcing services include:
  • Business Objectives
  • Strategic Planning
  • Skill matching
  • Resource Management
  • Project & Delivery management
  • Logistics management
  • Software Development Expertise
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Our business driven approach coupled with our exceptional design and software development capabilities delivers an unrivaled IT solution for your business.

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