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  Resource Management System (RMS)  


To develop a system to help employees organize their daily tasks, time sheets and provide billing information as well as track QA issues.


Iniquus developed a light web based application that allows planning and scheduling of project tasks. It also provides interfaces for employees to record their time sheets against their scheduled tasks. The reporting module uses this info to generate billing information for a project.


The RMS resulted in better organization of resources as well as more efficient project management.

   Project Highlights
  • Project View - Provides for creation/ modification of a project record, which covers all the information and resource definitions required for the project
  • Task View - Each project can define its own tasks, along with the resources attached to each task.
  • Resource View - Gives a comprehensive list of tasks to be performed by each resource along with the tasks status.
  • Time Sheet - Provides daily timesheets for all resources which show only tasks specific to the resource.
  • Reports - Various reports that provide time spent details and billing information based on tasks/ projects/ clients.
  • Issue Tracker - Stores and tracks various issues reported in a project linking them to allocated resources.
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