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As Phillip Kotler the guru of marketing has said "The old marketing is dead. In the era of the digital world, companies will need to set up excellent websites and conduct better surveillance of opportunities and threats using the internet." At Iniquus we do just that! From information sites to product catalogs and e-commerce sites we work hand in hand with you to provide a comprehensive range of services individualized and customized to meet your needs as well as that of your target audience.
Web Application
  Candidate Management System (CMS)New Project
RPS management consultants wanted an application that would serve as a complete recruitment management system for managing both job and candidate information.
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  Knowledge Base RepositoryNew Project
This application allows users access to the various categorized articles and opinions in the knowledge base. It provides a central and comprehensive archive of various articles and literature to be used by the internal departments at First Magnus.
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  Mass Marketing System (MMS)
This is an easy to use comprehensive e-mail/ fax based marketing tool that seamlessly integrates with a database. The application supports speedy creation of marketing content through the usage of pre-defined content library, while still providing a user with the ability to modify content.
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  National Retail
A web based complete ERP solution. The application has facilities for uploading and processing loans through each stage, with reports to sort and organize the loans in a users profile as well as general branch management functionalities.
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  Online Ethics Survey
An application that is an online marketing survey designed to engage and arouse the user’s awareness of marketing ethics.
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  Online Presentation
An in-house event archiving solution, to be used for employee induction and branch promotion.
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  QA Script Repository
An application that serves as a repository of QA scripts and streamlines the QA process.
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  Resource Management System (RMS)
The Resource Management System gives employees an overview of all the projects undertaken by the company and helps them to organize their daily tasks, time sheets and provide billing information.
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Web Sites
  Ajmal Perfume
Ajmal Perfumes, the largest perfumes manufacturer in the UAE wanted to redesign their website to help promote and establish their brand - Ajmal.
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  Asian Cajun
Asian Cajun wanted Iniquus to build a site which would provide information to their customers in a simple manner as well as bring out the oriental feel of Hong Kong.
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  Charter Funding
To create a multi-skin website for Charter Funding, one of Arizona’s largest mortgage lenders.
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To redesign the website for D-Global, making a product gallery to showcase its products across the multiple categories it deals in.
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  First Magnus Financial Corporation
First Magnus, a leading provider of mortgage services in the US, wanted Iniquus to create a neatly designed, easy to navigate website for their brokers.
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  Right Selection
An interactive site that provides information, a products catalogue and a fully searchable product database to its customers in an easy and user-friendly manner.
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  Smart Christmas Solutions
A website that effectively illustrates the range and benefits of Smart Christmas Solutions offerings and showcases SCS as the customer’s single source solution for all Christmas products.
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A website that successfully showcases Spearmark’s range of timepieces and establishes its corporate identity as a manufacturer of fine quality timepieces.
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Stepz is a leading Indian dance institute located in California, USA. They wanted a website that could establish their online identity and bring out the motifs of Indian dance, fitness and movement.
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  The Marketing MedicNew Project
A website that brings out the clients corporate identity and effectively portrays its services.
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  Touchwood Interiors
A website befitting Touchwood Interiors corporate identity.
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  Unusual Hotels Of The WorldNew Project
An aesthetic as well as fast website that brings out the unusual theme and identity of Unusual Hotels of the World.
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Web Development
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Web Application
  View Candidate Management System (CMS) New Project
  View Knowledge Base Repository New Project
  View Mass Marketing System (MMS)
  View National Retail
  View Online Ethics Survey
  View Online Presentation
  View QA Script Repository
  View Resource Management System (RMS)
Web Sites
  View Ajmal Perfume
  View Asian Cajun
  View Charter Funding
  View D-Global
  View First Magnus Financial Corporation
  View Right Selection
  View Smart Christmas Solutions
  View Spearmark
  View Stepz
  View The Marketing Medic New Project
  View Touchwood Interiors
  View Unusual Hotels Of The World New Project
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